Fairy Tales for a Fairer World

Contes de fées pour un monde meilleur - Cuentos de Hadas para un mundo más justo

In the Storybook, classic characters take on new adventures in the setting of traditional fairy tales from around the world, whilehighlighting issues such as climate change, epidemics, displacement, and inequality


About the Perception Change Project

The Perception Change project was launched in early 2014 by Michael Møller, the Director-General of the UN Office in Geneva. The project aims to highlight the impact of the work done by all of the UN and international organizations, non-governmental organizations and other institutions based in Geneva. Its objective is to broaden the overall understanding of just how relevant the work carried out by international Geneva is, not only in the context of humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping or global health, but also to everyday life.

The project specializes in collective outreach efforts that require innovative partnerships and concerted action between organizations. Several of the project’s activities are strongly focused on better communicating what International Geneva is doing to help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The project operates around three main axes:

  • creative outreach and redefining links with media;

  • partnerships with academia to examine and highlight the collective impact of the international system; and

  • changing individual experience by connecting with audiences at more emotional levels, including through stories.

As of December 2016, the project has brought over 95 partners on board including numerous UN agencies and offices, international organizations, NGOs and governmental entities.

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